JVLNET guarantees that under normal circumstances you will not get a busy signal when dialing into one of JVLNET's modem pools. To take advantage of the No Busy Signal Policy, read the policy below, and continue the process of submitting your information to the webmaster for your free month.

There are a few simple restrictions that will apply to this guarantee. If you do get TWO SEPARATE busy signal periods in a given month, JVLNET will give you a free month. The provisions to get your free month are specific, and must be met:

  1. A busy signal period is defined as "continuous busy signals that can be heard on your modems speaker after repeated dial-in attempts to JVLNET's published modem pool(s) that prevent logging on to JVLNET for more than two solid (2) minutes or 10 simultaneous attempts, whichever is longer."
  2. One busy signal period must be separated by another busy signal period by at least 24 hours, and must be on a separate date.
  3. The guarantee is void if the cause of the busy signal period was by Ameritech, GTE, Verizon or any other phone company provider. The phone company can cause busy signal periods in many ways, including incorrect programming of our modem pools and by delaying the original installation due dates for new phone lines ordered by JVLNET. The phone company can also cause busy signal periods that exceed 6 hours.
  4. The guarantee is void if notification of your two busy signal periods is not made properly as defined below.
  5. Once you have experienced two separate busy signal periods in a month, you must complete the following form within 30 days  to include The Date, The Time, The City You Are Calling, and The Number Dialed for each of the two separate busy signal periods. Please do not submit just one period. If you get one busy signal period, save it until you get two busy signal periods, and then submit both in the same e-mail.
  6. Once the JVLNET Webmaster has confirmed your request to be valid, your request will be forwarded to JVLNET billing and you will automatically receive a free months credit. Your free months credit will be in the form of an extension to your JVLNET internet access dial-in account, and will be a credit for the dial-in access portion of your subscription only. (Not for Domain service or extended services). There will be no refunds made to you for months pre-paid, or for recent charges to your credit card.
  7. There can be only one free month's credit given to your account for busy signal periods occurring in a given month. A month is defined as a calendar month.
  8. This policy applies only to modem pool busy signals.
  9. There will be no FREE month given for a busy signal to just one modem pool in cities that JVLNET has more than one modem pool. We have more than one modem pool number to allow users to choose the pool that gives their modem the fastest access speed. If you get a busy signal on one modem pool, please use the other modem pool. You should have no busy signal periods between the two modem pools in a given city, and we will issue you a FREE month if you have one coming. JVLNET Dial-up Numbers
  10. We hope that you never get a busy signal when dialing in to JVLNET. If you do, please be patient during peak times of internet use. We try to order as many lines as our subscribers can use, but could easily predict short once in a while. We apologize for an inconvenience that you may experience using JVLNET.

I have read and understand the posted Busy Signal Policy.  At this time, I would like to submit my busy-signals to JVLNET.