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JVLNET could provide your entire LAN or WAN with internet access through a single high-speed direct connection. This will allow all of your employees who currently have access to your local company network to also have access to the internet. Although there are several benefits to a permanent Direct Connect to the internet, sending and receiving e-mail is by far the greatest. With a Direct Connect to the internet on JVLNET you will receive all of your e-mail within seconds, and with out the need to dial-in using a stand-alone modem, and without having to pay the local phone company a per-call local fee.

For most individual consumers, home computers, and small businesses with only one or two computers, the use of a 33.6 modem to dial-in to JVLNET for internet access is more than adequate. For most businesses that have more than two computers or a LAN (Local Area Network), the need for a dedicated, or direct connection, to the internet becomes desirable. As the internet continues to expand and the average businessperson begins to use the internet as a desktop communications tool, much like their phone and fax machine, the need for a dedicated internet will become the norm. The more aggressive businesses of today are already incorporating dedicated internet access within their networks.

A high direct connection to the Internet thru JVLNET is more economical, manageable, and secure and provides higher bandwidth and continuous availability, when compared to multiple individual dial-up access.

JVLNET will assign your LAN an internet IP address and your company an internet Domain Name. Your Domain Name will give your company a unique identity on the internet. Your dedicated connection to the internet would be configured as a 56K to T-1, depending on the bandwidth that your company will need. Most companies will be fine with just a 56K line leased from the local phone company. The local phone company and JVLNET's charges are both fixed monthly rates, and there would be no measured usage charges. The only additional equipment required to add to your LAN would be a DSU/CSU and a router.

The following one-time installation items are usually provided by JVLNET :

JVLNET will usually provide the following ongoing internet Services :

The following is an average budget of the one-time costs for the initial installation of a 56K dedicated internet feed (longer term contracts will lower the costs):

1) Equipment at your site needed to connect the internet feed to your existing LAN or computer network... $1165 to $1865

2) Equipment at JVLNET needed to provide you your internt feed... $1165 to $1865

3) Phone company leased line circuit installation... $0 to $1100

4) JVLNET installation... $0 to $1100

5) Customer's network provider equipment (if any) and set up fees... $0 to ???

The following is an average budget of the recurring monthly costs for the 56K feed (longer term contracts will lower the monthly costs):

1) Equipment service contracts (optional)... $0 to $60/month

2) Phone company leased line... $50 to $168/month

3) JVLNET's internet feed... $100 to 200/month

4) JVLNET's other internet services (Domain, e-mail, webpages, etc)... $0 to $120

If your internet and email usage will be exceeding 56KB and would like a Fractional T1 (384 KB), then prepare to double the budget for hardware and initial costs, and about triple the monthly costs.

If your needs require a full T1 (1.54 MB), then budget for double the equipment and initial costs, and about 4 times the monthly costs.

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