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Electrolarm - A Company History Since  1971

Electrolarm Security Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Wisconsin by Robert J. Kerman in 1976. The original Corporation was a merger of two existing alarm companies, Electrolarm of Walworth County and Electrolarm Company of Fort Atkinson.

Electrolarm of Fort Atkinson was founded by George Byam in 1971, who came to Wisconsin from Colorado. George had worked for Denver Burglar Alarm and Electrolarm Company of Colorado Springs prior to moving to Wisconsin.

Electrolarm of Walworth County was founded by Robert Kerman in 1974, just after graduating from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Bob lived in Skokie, Illinois, and worked at Steiner Electric Company, a family owned business. Bob was working with George as an Alarm Technician through College, and eventually purchased George's alarm accounts in Walworth County and started his own company. At that time Randy Trant was the only other employee of the company. For several years the two companies shared resources until Bob purchased George's accounts, incorporated the name of Electrolarm Security Systems, Inc., and moved to Janesville . At the time of Incorporation Electrolarm had five employees and 300 accounts.

The other three Charter employees were John Kittleson, who started in 1975 as an installer, and remained the companies Shop manager until 1998, Tim Dunn, who was Chief Certified Alarm Technician, and Cathy Watkins who came from an answering service to become Office manager .

In 1981 Bob bought THE ELECTROLARM BUILDING, a 5500 square foot building at 1220 West Court Street in Janesville, Wisconsin, and soon added a Central Station for monitoring its own accounts. With Cathy Watkins as Central Station manager Nancy Wells became Electrolarm's first Central Station Dispatcher. Other employees at that time were Terri Kerman, Kathy Miller, Dave Branz, and Bryan White.

Electrolarm has installed over 5000 alarm systems in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Gary Ross, Customer Service Manager, assured all Electrolarm customers that Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal!

In 1991,Pro-Tec Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service Companyis incorporated as a separate company by Bob and Terri Kerman, and is operated from the same facility with shared resources. Bruce Gurney is operations Manager.

In 1996, JVLNET by Electrolarm, a local internet access provider, began operating as a division of Electrolarm. JVLNET by Electrolarm was Co-Founded by Joe Kerman. In just one year JVLNET had grown to over 1000 subscribers, offering local internet access to the 608 area code of Wisconsin and providing other internet services nationwide. Joe Kerman is Systems Administrator, and Conrad Szambelan is Director of Business Development for JVLNET.

On October 1, 1997, Per Mar Security Services purchased the Burglar and Fire Alarm assets of Electrolarm Security Systems, Inc. 24 of the current 31 employees became employees of the new Janesville Branch of Per Mar, and Terri Kerman became Branch Manager. Per Mar continues to operate this Janesville Branch out of the same ELECTROLARM BUILDING, at 1220 West Court Street.

Also on October 1, 1997, Electrolarm Security Systems, Inc., changed its legal name to Electrolarm, Inc., and continued doing business as JVLNET by Electrolarm, Internet Service Provider. Remaining with JVLNET was President and Founder Robert Kerman, Co-Founder Joe Kerman, Office Manager Cathy Watkins, Conrad Szambelan, Jason Staack, and Christian Winebrenner. JVLNET continues to operate from the ELECTROLARM BUILDING, 1220 West Court Street, Janesville, WI.,

In August of 1999 WorldReach Internet merged with JVLNET , allowing JVLNET to begin offering local dial-in access to the 815 area code of Illinois.

JVLNET Internet Services is the name used today. As of mid 1999 JVLNET offers local internet access to over 6500 subscribers in the 608 area code of Wisconsin and the 815 area code of Illinois JVLNET also Hosts and Designs Websites Nationwide.

JVLNET is proud of it's local Affiliates, Don & Kathy McCleery of The Answer Place, in Baraboo, WI - Diane Ritt of  User Friendly Creations, in Reedsburg, WI -  Rhyme Business Products, in Portage, WI and Maurice and KC Vance, in South Beloit, IL.


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