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The following sites deal with parental controls of the Internet. The following listings are involved in finding ways to keep the internet safe for kids, and free from government regulation. Many of them have demos of software you can download.

BESS The Internet Retriever
BESS is a WWW page which allows access to the Internet using sophisticated filtering techniques. Web pages, sites, mail, etc. containing objectionable language or images are filtered out. Subscription service.

CleanSurf offers protection for families by screening sites on a site-by-site basis. All access is directed through our proxy server by specially designed Windows software that cannot be bypassed.

Children's Internet Browser
Designed to give parents complete control over their children's Internet use, thereby allowing the child to safely explore and benefit from the Net's educational content. 

Crayon Crawler
The Crayon Crawler is a web browser to protect children on-line. Features include chat room for kids, automatic blocking of vulgarity, animated characters that can actually read to, and interact with the children and more.

A free, server-based, comprehensive Web filtering, available for set-up directly from the crosswalk.com Web site. CrossingGuard claims to use the largest available database of rated Web sites to filter out nearly 5 million of the 100 million pages on the Web.

Cyber Patrol v3.0 for Windows (550K) or Cyber Patrol v2.10 for Macintosh(700K)
Cyber Patrol gives you the tools you need to help shield your children from the darker side of the Internet. Cyber Patrol features: comprehensive time and budget management functions, multi-user capability and ChatGard. 

Cyber Sentinel
Cyber Sentinel is a easy to use total security solution for the user. It allows user not only to block inappropriate material (web pages, e-mail, pictures, and word processing documents) no matter what format it is in, or what it is. It also allows the owner to configure the program to run in stealth mode (so the end user doesn't know it is running). 

CYBERsitter is an easy to use software program that protects your children when online by filtering adult oriented material and offensive or suggestive language. 

Cyber Snoop
Cyber Snoop shows you which Internet sites have been visited by your children by monitoring their on-line activity. 

Disk Tracy 98
Disk Tracy 98 includes a patented file analyzer and a set of web monitoring tools. The file analyzer searches the family PC to find any inappropriate material that is stored on the computer--including suspicious text, picture, hidden files, etc. 

Recommended for children's rooms or schools where 100% effectiveness is required.

FamilySafe Media
Internet and TV filtering devices.

GuardiaNet is an Internet filtering software that provides families with hassle-free protection from inappropriate material on the Internet. 

Gulliver's Guardian
Gulliver's Guardian is user friendly all-in-one Internet Suite that includes a filtered Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer compatible), e-mail (with spell-check), news reader, and Full Armor PC Protector. 

Blocking tool with many features. Requires user authentication, gives roaming users access to bookmarks, history, and their customized access rights. 

InfoScan is a filtering tool for evaluating information available on networks. The main goal is to optimize the use of information sources already known by the user: electronic mail, News, local or remote databases, and so on. 

InterGate Web Filtering
InterGate Web filtering empowers a single administrator to control Web site access from a central location on your organization's network. InterGate Web filtering efficiently blocks Internet users from accessing inappropriate Web sites. 

The Internet Filter
The Internet Filter is a program that monitors, filters, analyzes, and logs internet access. This site has a free, limited feature version, and allows you to purchase the full version. 

These folks have a front-end software that makes the net very easy for kids to use. InterGO seamlessly combines browsing, searching, safety screening, E-mail, file transfer, telnet, virus scanning, news, and extensive reference content in an integrated series of graphical scenes. 

Site-blocking and computer monitoring software with the new "screen-rewind" feature that allows the computer owner to actually view a time-lapse movie of what was on the screen. Free download available.

Momma Bear
Momma Bear automatically adapts for your system so you don't need to worry about the Windows Operating System details. You can easily stop games and other unwanted programs by not adding them to the allowed programs list.

Net Nanny
This software allows the parent to control all access to the computer, not only Internet resources, but offline computer usage as well.


NetProtectorTM is the ONLY hardware solution on the market for locking out the Internet. You can determine whether or not your child has access to the Internet. 

Net Rated
Net Rated by PCDataPower blocks X-Rated Internet Sites and limits playtime and installation of unwanted programs. 

Net Shepherd
Net Shepherd is a new technology for rating and filtering access to the World Wide Web. 

PureSight uses new content sensitive filtering technology to block access to sexually explicit or pornographic material on the Web. Free download demo available.

R.A.T.T. Control
R.A.T. Control is a smart card-based parental control product - the first hardware & software solution for online safety. 

SafeNet Mail
Safe-Net Mail is an easy to use POP3 e-mail client that is designed to help protect your family on the internet. Safe-Net Mail has a sophisticated set of filters designed to identify e-mail messages that may contain material inappropriate for children.

Sentry Cam
SentryCam, does not block or filter but does follow the child onto the Internet and takes screen shots at timed intervals set by the parents. It provides for easy review by the parent who is able to see exactly what activities the child experienced while in a chat room or any other area of the Internet.

Smart Alex
SmartAlex ICU monitors computer activity all the time, not only during Internet sessions. Also good for employers who want to keep tabs on how company computer time is being spent.

SOS Kidproof
Kidproof your PC in many ways by protecting your display, your hardware, your system, and explorer.

Surf Monkey
A web browser and online service designed exclusively for kids, this installable CD-ROM houses the Surf Monkey animated, talking monkey host. He transports kids into the world of Internet exploration while offering tips and tricks designed to entertain and amuse.

SurfPass makes it possible to limit the duration of Internet use by means of an account for each user, and even to keep detailed activity logs. 

Surf Watch
Surfwatch is an internet filtering program. This program was designed to protect your kids and keep the internet free and safe. Free download demo available.

UC2 Lite
UC2 Lite™ is very simple to use and features 24 hour x 7 day logging of Web and outgoing e-mail activity, one-click direct access to viewed Web pages/images, Web and e-mail activity in date order and online help.

WatchDog has an internal timer that allows you to set user time. When the user runs out of time, WatchDog can either shutdown Windows, restart Windows, restart the computer, or display the WatchDog login form. 

Web Chaperone
Based on the company's new iCRT (intelligent Content Recognition Technology) algorithms, WebChaperone is the first of a new generation of parental control software. Free download available.

We-Blocker gives parents the opportunity to monitor their children's Internet access and provide them with age-appropriate content, while filtering out sites that contain adult material. Free download available.

WebKeys Prowler
Webkeys Prowler is a free browser plug-in that enables families, schools, libraries and businesses to control what is viewed on their computers. 

Win Guardian
WinGuardian watches over users of Windows 95 in two ways. It can keep a log file of user visited websites and it can also lock Windows 95. Free download available.

Wizguard is easy-to-use Windows 95 software to block and monitor access to pornographic Web sites. Free download available.

X Stop
X-Stop is a series of filters and devices that monitor the user and computer for acceptable conduct and behavior in accordance with the policies of YOUR organization or home.

Zeeks is an Internet company formed from an 8 year old educational software developer for the K-12 grades. They feature a free, original kids destination website with a wide range of engaging activities and tools for kids ages 6-13 to use in a safe setting. Combined with their free "ZeekSafe" Internet filtering software, they are a total kids safety solution on the net.


An all-volunteer Internet patrol and monitoring project started by senior members of the world famous "International Alliance of Guardian Angels", whose HQ is in New York City, whose mission is to be a Cyberspace "Neighborhood Watch".

Safe Surf
This organization is working to create an Internet Rating Standard which will allow web browsers to detect the content of web sites before displaying. 

United Federation of ChildSafe Web Sites
The mission of the United Federation of ChildSafe Web Sites, (UFCWS), is to provide the means for parents to have a trust in the positive and productive content of what your children see and experience on the Web and in other environments. 

Voter's Telecommunications Watch
Organization, concentrating on legislation as it relates to telecommunications and civil liberties.

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