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All JVLNET access plans include unlimited high speed local internet access, a personal e-mailaddress, news, chat, FTP, 5MB of personal or business homepage storage , FREE 24 hour technical support, and a no-busy signal guarantee policystorage for one low price! (All plans, unless otherwise stated, have a maximum per-session limit of 8 hours and a idle timer of 15 minutes)JVLNET has several access plans ... one just right for you:

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Student, Teacher, and Additional Family Member Plans
Special discounted rate for Teachers, Adm, full time post high school Students, and additional family members who wish their own account.
  $120 Annually
WebTV Local dial in access Plan
Access to the WWW without a computer has never been this easy. Must also have a TV, WebTV Box, and subscription to WebTV.
  $120 Annually
Special Group Rates For JVLNET Approved Organizations
Please see current list.
Unlimited, Single User, Madison Area Personal Plan
Special offer for Madison dial-in users only.
Unlimited, Single User Personal Plan for 56K or 64K ISDN
Standard plan for most dial-up users.
Janesville, Baraboo, ReedsburgWisconsin Dells, Portage, Mauston, South Beloit, Evansville Areas
Unlimited, Single User Preferred Personal Plan
Extended per-session limit to 24-hours, no idle timeout, 2MB of Ram, 100 MB of Web space storage and more.
Unlimited, Multi User Business Plan
5 individual and/or business internet and e-mail accounts, a free web page designed by JVLNET, and 100MB of web page storage.
Unlimited, Multi User Business Preferred Plan
10 individual and/or business internet and e-mail accounts, an interactive website with several web pages designed by JVLNET and 300MB of web page storage.
Unlimited, Continuous Dial-in Business Plan
Continuous dial-up sessions with no per-session limit, assigned Static IP address, web page designed by JVLNET, 100MB web page storage, and 24 hour technical support.
Unlimited, Continuous Hardwired Business Plan
Businesses with own web server or LAN who need continuous hardwired connection to internet. Prices start at $100.
Website Design & Creation Packages
JVLNET can professionally Create and Update your Website. Our Website Design and Updating services are for any Business, regardless of the physical location of the business. We have several Website Design and Creation Packages available and can also update your existing Website for as little as $50 per hour with our contract rate.
Business Builder Internet Marketing Package
(In just one day, JVLNET will design you a personalized business web page and put it on the internet for everyone to see. It will include your company logo, a picture of your choosing, tell about your business, have your phone number and address, a map to your business, and/ or whatever is needed to promote your store, product, or service. We will also make your web page available to our search site, and dozens of other national search engines! You can then begin to advertise your new website address in all of your company ads, yellow pages, letterheads, and business cards. This price includes changes for the first month. Periodic upgrades to your web pages can be contracted for as little as $10/month additional. Try it... You will like it! )
Web Counters/Trackers
Your Own Private Stat Page with Web Counters/Trackers may be added to any JVLNET plan or Domain. You will have your own Counter directory to saveand view an unlimited number of personal web page statistics. Onceyou have it, you will find out you cant do without it! This totally awesome CGI script will not only show you exactlyhow many people have viewed your web pages, but show you hits bytime of day, day of week, who was on which page, and more!
Alphanumeric E-Mail Pager
The alphanumeric e-mail pager  that will automatically receive and display e-mail sent toa special JVLNET pager e-mail account. Your pagers e-mail willalso be copied to your regular JVLNET e-mail account, and may bereviewed on the internet or printed out as usual. The cost forthis additional JVLNET service is $25/monthly, including thelease of the pager, and the additional JVLNET e-mail account.
OneTime Domain Registration & Setup For Hosting On JVLNET (www.yourdomain.com)
Includes registration with Internic. There are no other hidden fees to pay.
$ 30
Domain Hosting and Space Storage Fee
Includes annual Internic registration fee, unlimited domain email forward accounts, one Domain email Box, 300MB of Domain Space Storage, A Control panel with many free options, FREE Tecnical Support & FTP account.
Additional Virtual Domain Hosting and re-direction to a primary Domain on JVLNET
Includes annual Internic registration fee, Domain Hosting and email forward. Register as many as you can afford to support your primary domain.
Secure Server Certificate
Secure Server Certificate for your Order form or shopping cart. One time setup fee of $100 and then monthly
Shopping Cart Order form for your Website
Prices start at $300

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JVLNET will waive setup charges forservice upgrades and conversions.
JVLNET contract rates available for all access plans.
JVLNET guarantees comparable rates for comparable services!
JVLNET has a
NO BUSY SIGNAL POLICY,you could get the monthfree!
JVLNET will credit your account one months service (up to $20)for referrals from you. 
JVLNET will be available 24-hours a day to meet your internetneeds.
CUSTOMER responsible for modems, telephone connection, dialer& browser software.

JVLNET offers DomainHosting, Webpage Storage, Webpage Design & Updating, andInternet Consulting Services for any business reguardless of thephysical locations of the business.
Please call our 24-hour JVLNET HOTLINE for details.

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