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Connection Speed Problems or Problems Staying Connected?

Dial-up connection speeds and quality can be affected my many things.  But the most common thing that affects your connection is your modem.  Most people don't realize that modems are not all the same.  Certain modems connect to certain pieces of equipment better than others.  A modem that has worked flawlessly for several years may one day not connect at the speeds it used to.  Many new computers come equipped with low quality modems right out of the box.  Nobody wants to be told that the cause of their slow or inconsistent connections is their modem.  But having tested out systems over the years, we know that most times, the modem is to blame.  We are now prepared to put our money where our mouth is....


Here's the deal. If you are suffering from slow connection speeds or dropped connections, call our support team. They will check your connection speeds and see if they believe a modem will help you. If they determine your modem may be the problem, we'll send you a new one that meets our recommended specifications. Once you receive it, contact support to check your connection speed. If the new modem doesn't increase your connection speed, simply send it back. If the modem helps, you have two options. Either buy the modem outright from us at a cost of $40 or buy one from a store in your vicinity. What we will be doing is giving you the option to try a modem before you actually buy one to see if it solves your problem.

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