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Merrick Light Railway EquipmentWorkswill build for you a complete Locomotive or any part or piece of a Locomotive.
Complete Locomotives
Power Trucks
Bodies & Power Units
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   Locomotives 1996 & 1997 at "Little A-Merrick-A" Marshall, Wi
   Jerry Lapidakis at "Little A-Merrick-A" with 1996
   Great Northern 351 at "Desert Breeze Railroad" Chandler Arizona
   GP 90866 This Locomotive was supplied as Trucks and Body w/motor mounted, Finished by its owner Delton Schrock Wakarusa, Indiana
   GP 638 Supplied as Trucks and body, finished by Owner at "Desert Breeze Railroad". Jerry also owned J & E Railroad.
   704 SW1200 Style SwitchEngine, Built up from G-16 Drive. 


1996 & 1997Jerry Lapidakis & 1996Great Northern 351 at Desert Breeze RailroadDelton Schrock's GPJerry Shipmens GP at Desert Breeze Railroad
#704 SW 1200 Switch engine

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