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JCTS Fall Happenings -- 2015
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JCTS Fall Training Special through January 2016
 JCTS Fall Barn Show & Potluck, November 21
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JCTS Open Barn & T.A.I.L. Program, November 28
 JCTS Holiday Greetings & Gift Certifictes

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JCTS Barn Show
Saturday, March 28 -- 10:30 a.m. at JCTS
Ray LaCroix Training Clinic          
Saturday, April 11 -- 8 a.m. at JCTS

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!! JCTS Barn Show  !!

Saturday, March 28
10:30 a.m. at JCTS
Jessica Cole Training Stables is pleased and excited to offer its first-ever Barn Show on March 28th, 2015!  This show will be in a schooling show format and is intended for current clients of JCTS to participate, get feedback, and gain experience showing without having to leave the comforts of home.

Show attire is NOT required and work tack is permitted.  Show clipping and bathing is also NOT required.  The point is to come, have a good time, do your best, and learn something!  The format of the show also keeps expenses down and allows clients to “get their feet wet” at showing without having to invest in show clothes and off-premises trips to larger shows.

It is hoped that the Barn Show experience is so enjoyable and positive that many of our new beginner exhibitors will want to step up to try off-premises Academy and Open Shows, or recognized Arabian shows later in the season.  This idea is patterned after the wonderful Barn Show offered under the impressive lesson program at Cedar Ridge Arabians.  My thanks to Cedar Ridge instructor Stephanie Davisson for providing the inspiration for this idea—you are amazing and I hope my program will bring as much joy and positive energy to my growing lesson program as yours does to your students! 

Big thanks also to Bill Heiser for offering to judge this show at a reasonable fee.  We look forward to his feedback and expertise!  Bill will offer feedback and suggestions to all exhibitors.

This show will also be a great social event, with a potluck lunch planned.  If you come, please bring a dish to pass.  JCTS will provide beverages, paper plates, napkins, and plastic ware.

Sign up ASAP if you wish to exhibit.  Spots are going to be limited.  $75 per rider includes up to 5 classes, use of lesson horse if needed, use of tack if needed, and prep help and coaching, and feedback from the judge.  Sign up deadline is March 20th and spots will go on a first-come, first-served basis.

For Class List and more details, click CLASS LIST.

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Extraordinary Spring Clinic Planned
Ray LaCroix Training Clinic

Saturday, April 11 -- 8 a.m. at JCTS





(Caryn Auer photos
October 2013)


For a true horsemanship junkie, nothing is so addictive as the pursuit of higher knowledge.  It’s a form of a “fix” that makes us all hungry to get right back out in the barn and try a few things with our favorite horses.

Elite horsemen are very rare by definition:  “Elite” is a tiny group!  Elite horsemen that can also communicate effectively with horsemen of all disciplines and levels of experience are far rarer animals still!  So often those who can train and ride at the highest levels are limited in their ability to effectively teach others to follow.
Ray LaCroix is in a league of his own both with regard to horsemanship and ability to teach.  In fact, there’s very, very few people like him in the country.  His public training career spanned three decades and earned him the distinction of being the top Arabian performance trainer in the country.  He and his students are the winners of hundreds of National Championships, and he is the marketer of many, many millions of dollars of top sales horses.
Now retired from professional training, Ray LaCroix is the country’s top consultant, and his energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness at communication make him an equally potent and inspiring teacher for polished professional horsemen, beginners, and everyone in between!  He is a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a communications discipline that allows him to reach people in a framework that fits their unique perspectives and styles.  In other words, you don’t have to “fit” Ray—if he wants to teach you something, he will figure out how to “fit” you so that you can learn easily and have lasting results!
Ray’s current training methodology is a wonderful mix of traditional pressure-and-release, dressage based methods with a major emphasis on respecting the emotions of the horse. By respecting those emotions, tension and anxiety are kept to a minimum, even for those horses who are “different” sorts of thinkers.  After so many years with so many different horses, Ray has become a MASTER at working around emotional issues so that “difficult” horses scarcely realize they are being trained, and therefore conflict is kept to a minimum. The end result is that even a very difficult or dysfunctional thinking horse becomes virtually “normal” and happy and confident in its work.
Ray currently pursues serious dressage and has ridden with some of the top dressage trainers in the country, continuing his own education so that he always has a fresh perspective.  He applies much of this new knowledge to helping consultation clients in the Arabian show performance world, but his techniques and approach are universal in their usefulness to virtually any discipline or breed.  Everyone can learn something from Ray.


 Jessica Cole Training Stables is very pleased to host him for a one day public training clinic on April 11, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.   Lodi Veterinary Care and Doctor’s Choice Supplements are co-sponsors of this clinic, and their clients, along with Jessica Cole’s clients, are eligible for discounted attendance rates.  Sign up and mail your check by March 16th for a further Early Bird Discount!   We encourage early sign ups—spots are already going fast!   

 Contact Jessica Cole at 262-672-9742 with questions or for further information!  Or click below:


Agenda for the Clinic, click AGENDA.
Reservation form with details, click RESERVATION.



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