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** Show Services--Flat Fees:

Barn Shows held at JCTS    


  These shows are held twice a year  and represent a low-cost way to get your feet wet showing in familiar surroundings.  Show attire not required, and work tack is permitted.      
    Cost--two options:  plus bring a potluck dish to pass!      
      OPTION  1:   includes use of lesson horse & equipment   -- or --   $ 75
      OPTION  2:  if you use your own horse & equipment   $ $50
Schooling Shows within an hour and a half radius of JCTS:      
  These shows are the next step up from a barn show.  These are one-day shows with competition from other barns.      
    Cost--two options      
      OPTION  1:  includes use of horse & equipment, hauling, clipping & bathing, show prep and coaching.
Price break available if more than one rider shares the same horse.  Contact Jessica for a quote.
  $ 350
      OPTION  2:  Use your own horse and equipment.   $ $300
Arabian breed shows recognized ("rated") by AHA and USEF. 
Include Regional qualifying classes.
Recognized shows [formerly Class B] (2 days or less) $ 400
Recognized shows [formerly Class A] (2 or 3 days)  $ 500
Recognized shows (2 back-to-back 2 day shows or one 4 day show) $ 625
Regional Show $ 650
Pre-show/Regional Show Combination $ 750
Youth Nationals $ 1,500
Canadian Nationals $ 1,750
U. S. Nationals $ 2,250

10% discount available on show fees for those doing multiple
Regional/National shows in the same season.

** Flat Rate Includes:  Trainer expenses, show groom's wages & expenses, supplies, stall curtains and cleaning, decoration and supplies, carpentry and lumber, set up and tear down, dry cleaning and clothing expenses, daily road fees, lessons, and coaching fees at show.  All clipping, bathing, grooming, and preparation for your horse are also included, except for bodyclipping and hunter braiding, if required.  The flat rate does not include stall and entries, transportation, tack rooms, or bedding.  Individual horse expenses (e.g. shoeing, vet, medication) will be billed to owner.  Each horse will be put on ulcerguard and preventative anti-inflammatories during the show, at owner's expense.  These are not included in the flat rate.

Other Show Related Fees:
  Hunter Braiding:  $50 per show
  Body Clipping:  $100 per show if needed
  Miscellaneous Show Tack Rental if necessary tack is not provided by owner:  $25 per bridle or saddle or saddle pad used.  No rental charge for use of bits as there is virtually no wear and tear on a borrowed bit.
  Show blanket or sheet rental for those who do not provide show blanket and sheet in JCTS colors: $15 per show per sheet or blanket,  includes laundering after the show.
  Tack and Feed Stalls:  Pro-rated
  Entries, Show's Fees, and Box Stalls:  Paid by Owner
  Bedding:  billed according to actual use per horse
  Individual horse expenses such as vet, farrier, and medication billed separately to each owner
  Hauling:  $.75 / mile or commercial rates;  $150 minimum. Subject to increase without notice if fuel prices warrant.
  Set up hauling fee:  Applies when an owner hauls their own horse to a show, and the JCTS trailer is not full.  Covers hauling of set up equipment, hay, feed, and tack.  Contact JCTS for a case-by-case quote.
Total charges for a show include four elements:
1.   Flat Rate
2.   Individual horse's stall, entries, bedding, and share of tack stall.
3.   Transportation
4.   Miscellaneous expenses such as medications, bodyclipping, braiding, and tack rental.
    Jessica Cole Training Stables is a very user-friendly barn for the involved owner.  Modest credits against your show fees are sometimes available for those owners who enjoy putting in committed effort toward show set up, tear down, and grooming / care duties.  Contact Jessica for specifics before the show.


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