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*Training & Board $765 per month
*Training Rate includes up to 4 lessons / month at trainer's discretion.  Lessons do not "bank" and no credit is given for lessons not taken.  Lesson schedule is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please discuss with the trainer in advance what your goals and schedule restrictions are for lessons! Lessons are for use on your own horse.  Lessons on other horses will be charged.  Lesson value if purchased separately would be $200.
Due to the unreliable nature of email, please CALL Jessica to schedule your lesson or for an appointment to watch your horse work.  262-672-9742
*Stalls are available on a first come, first served basis unless an advance deposit is made to hold a stall.  A Fall/Winter reduced rate special is usually offered from September 1 to December 31 each year.  You must pay your bill in full by the first of each month to receive the discounted rate, and no other discounts apply at this time.  Please contact us regarding fall rates for 2015.
Supplements (including but not limited to Rice Bran, Cosequin, & MSM) Billed at cost.  
Holding deposit   $300  Nonrefundable, credited to first month's training
After hours arrival/departure   $100 for arrival/departure between 8 pm and 8 am
Additional lessons on horse in training $30 per time
Sales Commission 15% due at time of sale, based on value of the sale.  Trades for other horses or non-cash payments apply in calculating value.
Veterinary fees billed direct by veterinarian, payment due upon receipt. 
No handling fee per appointment billed by JCTS.
Farrier fees billed direct by farrier, payment due upon receipt. 
No handling fee per appointment billed by JCTS.
Body clipping $150
Hauling $.75 / mile; $150 minimum charge.  Subject to increase without notice if fuel prices warrant.
Video / video prep


$100 per video.  Includes prep work, raw video shoot, editing, and posting online.  DVD's are $5 apiece.  Postage will also be billed if videos are sent out on your behalf.
Photo shoot prep $75
Consultation/Evaluation/Appraisal     $350 / full day, $60 / hour or portion thereof, $.55 / mile
Equipment Each horse in show training must have a suitable show blanket and show sheet in JCTS colors.  Blanket/sheet not required for horses not being shown.  Neck wraps may also be required.  Each horse must have a clean, well-fitting stable halter.  Any necessary equipment not provided by the owner will be purchased and billed to the owner on the monthly training statement.

Show tack and show blankets and sheets in JCTS colors (navy or navy with burgundy trim) may be rented per show if you do not provide your own.  $15 per blanket or sheet per show, includes laundering.

Blanket Laundering $10 per time as needed
NSF Fees NSF check fee $50 per check plus any resulting  fees & charges to JCTS from writing checks against the NSF check.
Any damage to JCTS owned equipment or property which totals $25 or more will be billed to the owner of the horse responsible.

Payment of all charges due on receipt.

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health requirements

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Due to the high-traffic nature of my training barn, it is essential that all incoming horses be healthy and fully vaccinated against all common communicable equine diseases.


On the recommendation of our veterinarian and for the protection of all customers and horses, the following vaccinations and test must be completed before the horse arrives.


Current year negative Coggins test
Current vaccinations:
  Potomac Horse Fever

Four  Way (Flu, EEE, WEE, Tetanus)
Nasal Flu and Three way

  Rhinopneumonitis (Rhino)
  Strangles (specify IM or nasal)
  Rabies (also available as a 2-in-1 with Potomac vaccine)
  West Nile Virus
  Recommended but not required:  lyme disease.  Contact JCTS for more information.
Dental Work:
  Horses of all ages require periodic floating to remove sharp points from teeth to facilitate comfort while wearing the bridle and proper chewing and digestion.  Horses 2, 3, and 4 years of age often also require removal of wolf teeth and caps in order to ensure comfort and cooperation while wearing the bridle.  All necessary dental work will be brought up to date by Jessica Cole Training Stables' veterinarians if it has not been attended to prior to the horse's arrival.

All horses will receive vaccination and Coggins test updates as often as recommended by Jessica Cole Training Stables' veterinarians.  

Deworming and dental work will also be kept up to date as needed.






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